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Softwood Services
Softwood Services
Softwood Services

One of the most arduous operations for any truck and trailer combination in the UK must be transporting timber down off the mountainside for processing at the mill, yet the equipment doing this job must not only have the ability to cope with the rigours of traveling along unmade roads through the forests, but still be road legal when they crossover onto public roads.

To accommodate such diverse operating conditions the semi trailer chassis must be designed specifically for the job with sufficient flexibility to absorb the constant twisting, but also the strength to prevent cracking whilst being subjected to such dramatic changes of direction and weight transfer.

The trailer pictured which is ready to accept its crane and timber support frames has been designed specifically for such conditions, along with the ancillary equipment which has also been specified with this in mind.  It is often the small things that make the operators life easier, such as custom made wing support stays to reduce damage, LED lamps to reduce the effects of vibration, shrouds around front and side marker lamps to fend off branches and stones, closure panels that reduce the collection of mud, crane grab stowage points and ease of access to all controls, all of which can be readily incorporated at the design stage..  Every operator has their own theory about the ideal specification, which is why we rarely build two contracts that are identical, but as with most things eventually a consensus of opinion emerges that tells you when things are right and the specifications start to closely resemble each other.
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