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Mertrux - Eurocell.
Mertrux - Eurocell.
Eurocell rear detail.
Mertrux Ltd of Derby chose Wheelbase Engineering Ltd as their preferred partner when it came to the modification of their Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDI long wheelbase chassis’ to accept special purpose bodies with a 6000mm clear internal load space capable of transporting plastic extrusions manufactured by Eurocell Ltd.
At accommodate the body length required, firstly the wheelbase and rear overhang of the chassis’ had to be increased to provide a vehicle that is both driver friendly and also maintains legal axle weights when fully loaded. The modification of chassis’ in this way has long been one of Wheelbase Engineering’s strengths, therefore when approached regarding this application a solution was readily available.
In this case Wheelbase Engineering Ltd have also provided the bodywork which has been designed not with just the delivery of product in mind but also that of long term vehicle appearance, hence the extensive use of anodised alloy sections and galvanised components which has removed the need for any finish painting processes.
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