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Demountable systems

Demountables, a compelling case for their use.

Demountables are not a new concept, having been around since the horse and cart, but in more recent times they have become an integral part of the logistics solution employed by many companies, both large and small.  The one and only reason for utilising a demountable system is the same whatever the business and that is to operate the most cost effective transport solution available to suit the application.

This very broad statement will mean different things to different people depending on who is considering the use of a demountable system and their specific situation, as these systems can be used in such a variety of ways, all of which can have a valid cost saving benefit.

What is a demountable?

In simple terms a demountable is a self-contained truck or trailer based loading system that can pick up a full freighted freestanding body. If the method of loading the body requires the use of additional external lifting equipment or cannot be loaded when fully freighted, it is not a true demountable system.

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