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How could my company benefit?

The list of benefits is as long and varied as it is simple and complex:-

  • The pre-loading of goods, whilst the truck is away delivering.
  • The best use of driver skills, delivering goods.
  • Avoiding loading during unsocial hours at premium wage rates.
  • A reduction in energy costs by restricting loading hours.
  • Less pressure on the driver to finish early for loading at the warehouse.
  • The reduction in vehicle numbers due to better utilisation.
  • Less rushed loading, hence potentially less damage and mistakes.
  • The demountable body becomes an extension of the warehouse.
  • Use of demountable body as a ‘stockless’ depot for out-based final distribution vehicles.
  • Reduction or elimination of expensive satellite warehousing and associated labour costs.
  • The ability to trunk high volumes to smaller final distribution vehicles for delivery without trans-shipping the goods.
  • Use of small final distribution vehicles in urban areas.
  • Split loads for different out based destinations.
  • Dual purpose drawbar prime mover trunking at night and delivering during the day.
  • High volume long distance trunking to remote areas using a drawbar as self-serving second load provider for distribution by the prime mover.
  • Having different body types for specific applications.
  • Body damage can be repaired without taking the chassis out of service.
  • Easier access for vehicle maintenance.
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