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Tractor unit to rigid conversions

A tractor unit is likely to be converted into a long wheelbase chassis for a number of reasons depending on whether the donor truck is new or used.

The most common conversion is to a used chassis, where the tractor unit is converted into a long wheelbase chassis or drawbar prime mover.  By far the majority of these are converted by clients wishing to utilise low mileage, high specification vehicles where a similarly specified chassis would not be available direct from the manufacturer or the cost for such a vehicle would be prohibitive.  Carrying out a wheelbase and end of frame extension is often just the beginning; as we will regularly go on to relocate an existing non-driven axle or fit new lifting trailing axle.  If the chassis is to be used in a drawbar application the braking and electrical systems are modified to accommodate the drawbar trailer, plus we will install a suitable towing package consisting of the automatic towing hitch and its mountings, position the services appropriate to the application, fit any ancillary lighting requirements and install a rear under-run protector. 

A new tractor unit might be extended to accommodate a specialist application where no standard production options are available, hence the modification.  In the case of heavy haulage the extra ordinary is often exactly the opposite, a common occurrence.  In these instances the final vehicle specification can vary dramatically from that of the original production vehicle, therefore if at first thought your requirements seem outlandish, do not discount them as impractical, rather pick up the phone!   


Tractor unit to rigid conversions

Iveco rigid to urban artic conversion.

Iveco rigid to urban artic conversion.Scania tractor unit to rigid conversion.Mercedes tractor unit to rigid conversion.Scania wheelbase extension and fourth axle conversion.DAF XF95 tractor unit to rigid conversion.

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