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Specialist products

By definition a special vehicle product could be just about anything, therefore we have chosen to include items in this section that do not readily fit into other areas on our site.

Raising decks, or as they are sometimes known, moving floors are a good example as they use similar manufacturing techniques to those employed in trailers and demountables, but that is where the similarities end.  There are many types of raising decks using numerous lifting systems, however where Wheelbase Engineering have found their niche is in the waste industry. 

Demountable ground level systems are another niche market product, where operators require the benefit of loading and unloading goods at low level.  This could be for ease of access when handling large or fragile products that could be damaged if loaded in any other way than by hand.

Ground lowering systems frequently form the basis for exhibition units, where easy access for the public is paramount if they are to be encouraged to visit a mobile unit, as height and steps are known to be intimidating and as such deter many people.    


Specialist products

Demountable ground level baseframe lowered to floor.

Demountable ground level baseframe lowered to floor.Raising deck framework fitted to Mercedes chassis.Raising deck system prior to bodywork installation.Raising deck system complete with bodywork.Woodland Logistics Iveco 180E25SWoodland Logistics Iveco 180E25SWoodland Logistics IsuzuWoodland LogisticsWoodland Logistics Woodland Logistics Mercedes 2533 with fork truckWoodland LogisticsWoodland Logistics Fork lift cradleWoodland Logistics fork lift cradleIveco dropside body.Double deck with sloping frame 1.Double deck with sloping frame 2.Double deck with sloping frame 3.

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