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Centre axle drawbaw trailers

The centre axle drawbar trailer has many virtues, but it is the flexibility of operation that it offers which is its outstanding attraction. The addition of a trailer immediately increases the volume and weight of product that can be transported, whilst retaining the ability to limit the size of vehicle employed to suit current load requirements. It allows the vehicle to be configured in such a way that it provides the optimum space in the correct proportions to suit specific loads and remain highly manoeuvrable. 

Every centre axle drawbar trailer has unique features within its design to accommodate the requirements of the operator, however many of these will be imperceptible to the uninitiated, but are often crucial to the finished product.  Drawbar combinations do not tend to be produced to a common set of rules unlike articulated trucks, as the European Standard for drawbar towing hitch positions fails to accommodate the vast majority of applications or the ancillary equipment that often has to be integrated into the overall geometry.

This style of trailer is available through the weight range from those used behind a car or light commercial and fitted with over-run brakes, on to tandem axle trailers commonly plated between 8000kg and 18000kg, then up to tri axle trailers plated up to 24000kg.  From this it can be seem that the trailer of choice is often a centre axle drawbar, but it is not until drawbars are brought to the attention of most people that they appreciate how common they are and the uses in which they are employed.  The most obvious is usually the biggest, so on major trunk roads everyone sees the high volume box vans and curtainside drawbars, however there are greater numbers of bespoke drawbars in use, but who notices the trailer that is not as imposing as the truck pulling it, the plant trailer, the flatbed, the short dry freight trailer tacked on the rear or the tanker?

Based on your nominated prime mover we will design and build a trailer to suit your application using best practice and many years experience.  Integration of ancillary equipment is often a key requirement, but this is just one element that we take for granted as being a basic part of the design process in the same way we would treat the choice of running gear, lighting and braking systems or the manufacture of the trailer main frame fabrication, which is tailored to suit the bodywork.       



Centre axle drawbaw trailers

Marshalls Plc DAF CF85 and trailer.

Marshalls Plc  DAF CF85 and trailer.Marshalls Plc contract with Ryder Plc.Lightweight bodybuilders centre axle trailer.Bodybuilders centre axle drawbar trailer.Bodybuilders bespoke centre axle trailer.Centre axle drawbar trailer complete with headboard and deck.Bodybuilders tri axle drawbar trailer.Car transporter combination, ramps down.Car transporter combination, ramps up.Lawrence DavidLtd - CevaMarshalls Plc 2012Marshalls Plc 2012Fraikin LtdRidgeons LtdRidgeons LtdRidgeons LtdRidgeons LtdJ E Lawrence and Son LtdJ E Lawrence and Son LtdCountrywideCountrywideCountrywideRyder Ltd - CromwellRyder Ltd - Cromwell Wincanton - Marley with fork truck.Tesco extending towing beam.Tesco multi task combination.Tesco multi task combination.Tesco drawbar rig in ScotlandW E Jameson drawbar rig.W E Jameson curtainside bodywork.Taylor & Fraser drawbar rig.Taylor & Fraser platform body.Taylor & Fraser with crane deployed.Bodybuilders 18000kg centre-axle 1.Bodybuilders 18000kg centre-axle 2.DAF LF drawbar with tail lifts.

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