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Skip drawbar trailers

A drawbar trailer is always bespoke to the application as unlike articulation there is no practical standard that accommodates the majority of operator’s requirements.

In many respects a drawbar trailer can be viewed as a rigid with no engine or cab, as it is usually required to carry the same products as the truck that pulls it, whilst maintaining the flexibility of operation gained from using a rigid vehicle in a solo condition.  The waste industry typifies this statement as it is unlike any other, due it collectively handling millions of standard skips and bins, which are capable of being carried on the truck or trailer.

Waste contractors are one of the biggest user groups of drawbar trailers with numerous trailer types to accommodate different styles of skip handler and towing hitch positions.  Albeit the basic load is similar, most operators have their own opinion as to what specification will best suit their application; therefore it is not unusual to see considerable differences between their trailers.



Skip drawbar trailers

Tandem axle skip trailer with swan neck towing frame.

Tandem axle skip trailer with swan neck towing frame.Tandem axle skip trailer behind MAN chassis.Turntable twin skip drawbar trailer.Tandem axle skip trailer with spare wheel on towing frame.Tandem axle single skip trailer.Tri axle twin skip drawbar trailer with extending towing frame.Clems Skip Hire

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