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Turntable drawbar trailers

A turntable drawbar trailer is fundamentally different to a centre axle trailer in that it has two steering pivot points rather than one.  The centre axle trailer is coupled to the truck via a towing hitch and the whole trailer pivots about that point, so is relatively easy to manoeuvre, however in some applications particularly when dealing with heavy uneven loads, because the axles are nominally in the middle of the trailer length, it is possible to create instability and impose too much or too little load through the towing hitch into the truck.  On a turntable or as it is sometimes referred to a 'steering axle' drawbar the axles are positioned towards the ends of the trailer and as such are better able to cater for unevenly distributed loads.  Given the axles are now wide spread, a turntable is introduced above the front axle to allow the trailer to steer, hence there are now two steering pivot points.  Going to a turntable trailer can solve many loading issues for the operator who anticipates transporting heavy unevenly distributed loads, however the driver will have to adapt to a totally different driving technique when reversing the trailer. 

Based on your nominated prime mover we will design and build a trailer to suit your application using best practice and many years experience. Integration of ancillary equipment is often a key requirement, but this is just one element that we take for granted as being a basic part of the design process in the same way we would treat the choice of running gear, lighting and braking systems or the manufacture of the trailer main frame fabrication, which is tailored to suit the bodywork.


Turntable drawbar trailers

Turntable twin skip drawbar trailer.

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